Phase 2 build

August 2, 2010

On August 2, 2010, the crew arrived to dismantle the original Ponderosa Motel. It was not destroyed, but taken apart and recycled, or reused where possible. All the Pan-Abode cedar was carefully preserved and will be used again in keeping with Elizabeth Lake Lodge's efforts to keep our planet sustainable.

The first two weeks of August saw the old building removed and the groundwork starting for the new building.

Second half of August

The second half of August brought us the start of foundation and the first ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) poured. Nichol Contracting is taking care of the second phase build just as they did for the first building. The basement was used for storage of the ICF which filled it and then some. ICF will be used for the entire exterior for superior sound proofing and insulation over wood frame construction.

First half of September

Work continues on the foundation and walls start to take form. The large concrete pumper truck is able to get to the entire work area with it's long boom towering over the existing structures. The mornings are getting cooler, but with beautiful clear blue skies everyone including guests are enjoying the end of summer and the start of the fall season.

Trail maintenance in the nature preserve continues so that locals and guests alike can enjoy a peaceful walk through well groomed trails. The Rocky Mountain Naturalists continue to make improvements to the trails behind Elizabeth Lake Lodge. People of all ages can easily get out and enjoy a stroll along the lake getting closer to nature within a stones throw of the comforts of the lodge. The existing rooms are of course unaffected by the construction and waiting for you to visit.

Second half of September

Progress continues with the main floor taking shape, and the new parking area being leveled off on the lakeside. The natural slope of the property has necessitated an extra retaining wall, it is visible in some of the images and will contain the walkway in front of the main floor rooms overlooking the lake. The last picture in this series shows the retaining wall filled in and the forms taking shape on the front side. Paul and Lochlann, now veterans of the construction site are making the best of a constantly changing environment during a quiet time.

First half of October

The rainbow, as seen in our first picture starting our October slideshow has many different meanings. Has a Leprechaun hidden a pot of gold under the new edition to Elizabeth Lake Lodge? We may never know the answer to that question, but we do know the best beds in Cranbrook will be in there. The main floor has taken shape and now the walls will start to go up for the second floor.

Second half of October

Some time off of regular duty to do some juicing, apples were processed and frozen for a winter of fresh apple juice. Work on the lodge continues on the second floor.

First half of November

We are hoping to have a roof on before the snow comes, if Mother Nature will cooperate everyone will be happy!

Second half of November

It's always nice to have a roof over your head, and the at the end of November we got one. The roof, even if it was incomplete was important to keep the inevitable snowfall outside instead of inside. We have many different angles to look from, and a view we rarely get to see.

First half of December

We have already had cold weather by this point but not this much snow, thankfully the roof was able to keep the interior protected. Keeping the snow outside helps reduce work, however snow still needed to be moved in order to prepare for roofing materials to be put up for protection from the elements. Doors and windows are near completion to completely keep the elements out.

Second half of December

Work has started inside the new building, no heat inside but still much better than working outside on the cold days. The upstairs is being prepped for a layer of concrete inside to better insulate noise between the two floors. Downstairs is in full swing with the electrical being pulled into place. Shingles are on the roof! let is snow for Christmas.

The office has been connected and the roof has been given a makeover. I will be hard to imagine what the old building looked like soon, the new year will bring a new look along with huge improvements in Elizabeth Lake Lodge.

January 2011

The big news in January was the pouring of the concrete on the second floor. The wiring and framing continues inside along with some work in the basement to remove some of the old foundation that is not needed for the new building.

First half of February

Plumbing has been ongoing and added to the list of things nearing completion. Electrical wires and Ethernet cable for the internet in each room is strung through the framing before dry wall is added.

Second half of February

It's all about dry wall right now, closing in the framing and making it take shape.

First half of March

Painting has begun and the dry wall is done. Down in the basement a door needed to be cut in the concrete, we have captured the final moments as it falls to the ground. The final pictures show how well the building has come along.

Second half of March

Painting has been finished inside, currently we are working on the bathrooms inside. The heating elements for the bathroom floors have been put down, and the bathroom walls and floor are being tiled. On the outside we are cleaning up the back where the concrete was cut out earlier in the month. In the front, the Sauna tubes are put in to support the upper deck to the rooms on the second floor. Preparation has also started on the stucco, the building will be covered in wire mesh early in April.

First half of April

The bathrooms have tile going in and it is now easier to get to the second floor. Fortunately the cold spring has not slowed down the progress. The Mini Golf is due to open later in April, with a little bit of sunshine later this month we should be ready.

Second half of April

Wall paper is going into the rooms now, we are using the same wall paper as we did in the Purcell wing, it has proven to be very durable and is still looking great. Most of the bathroom tile is complete and the rooms are starting to take a new look. The laundry has also had a makeover with the addition of another dryer and a large front loader which Rachel christened April 21st.

The Mini golf is now open and has some new river rock waiting for the spring thaw to wash over them.

First half of May

The end is looking near, Corey is enjoying the sunshine while working on the railing in the front. The stucco gray coat has been completed and is now curing prior to the final coat.

Inside the carpets are in, cabinets, appliances and fixtures are going into the rooms. the beds have arrived, not only are they going into the new rooms, but all the rooms in the lodge will be fitted with a new mattress.

Second half of May

The weather is starting to get better and the trees are filling out. Some of the stucco has been finished with the color matching the Purcell wing. The concrete sidewalk on the lakeside is almost complete.

First half of June

Christine seems to be everywhere, The walkway between the buildings is taking on a new look, and the mural on the end of the Fisher wing is getting it's first coat of paint.

July 2011 - The new addition is complete!

The lodge is looking fantastic, summer is here and the renovations are complete. All the rooms are open and we are open for business. The new family suites are going to be highly sought after, with separate rooms for the kids to sleep in families can put the kids to bed and relax in the peace of their own space for the evening. The Library suite with windows facing the Rocky Mountains and Elizabeth Lake will attract many to read a book or gaze at the beautiful mountain sunsets here at Elizabeth Lake Lodge.