Elizabeth Lake Lodge History

Elizabeth Lake Lodge was built on the location of the Ponderosa Motel. It has been our endeavor to re-orientate the lodge towards the bird sanctuary. We now have all our rooms looking out, over this 250 acre wetland.

The following is a timeline since George and Rachel have taken over.

Phase 3 was completed in the summer of 2016 with landscaping continuing throughout the year.

2016 – Phase 3 video timeline
2010 – 2011 build of phase 2
2009 – The new entrance and office improvements.
2007 – Grand opening  of phase 1
2006 – End of year two – Major construction took place over the fall of 2006 and winter of 2007. The removal of one section of the original Ponderosa Motel and the addition of the new Elizabeth Lake Lodge rooms.
2004 – Our first few months (September)

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